A (motion?) comic about a boy with a very big head. (And a tiny face.)
by David Huyck / cloudyco.com


It’s that time of year again, when we part ways with many of our familiar dollars and join up with so many amazing comics! Yes, it’s SPX time!

SPX was my very first comic show when I went in 2009. I had such an amazing time I quickly signed up for a bunch of other shows, but this will be my first time back to SPX! I like to think of it as a triumphant return, but that may just be my take on it.

You will be able to find me right inside the doors at table E-14. I form one apex (along with my friends at Koyama Press and AdHouse Books) of what is commonly known to a couple of people as the Pickle Triangle - possibly thusly named because that is where pickles mysteriously disappear.

I’ll have all sorts of things for you to gather into your loving arms, from the brand new That One Spooky Night that I illustrated, with words by the talented Dan Bar-el, to an accumulation of great things from the past, both recent (like Wattamelon minis and the Cloudy & Sunny Book-o-Doodles & Things To Do) and not-as-recent (such as Cloudy Collection prints). Plus, I’ve got new stickers, newish buttons and shirts, and as-yet-uncreated doodles-on-the-spot-that-I-will-make-for-you.

And if that is not enough for you, you’ll be at SPX anyway, because.

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Fifty-two of them! For CAKE!

Fifty-two of them! For CAKE!